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Perry Barr in the past
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Home Farm can trace its distinguished history back to 1086 and the Domesday Book for it was the manorial corn mill of the Lord of the Manor. From 1500's it was owned by the Wyrley family. Then came the Parkes family during the mid 1600's and from as early as 1794 by the Gough family until 1927 when the Birmingham Greyhound company purchased the land. The One Stop Shopping centre was established in 1994.
Perry Mill Farm - Home Farm
Home Farm showing  the River Tame.
The tour of Perry Barr starts at the One Stop Shopping Centre which originally was the site for the farm of the Manor of Perry Barr - Perry Mill Farm later to be known as Home Farm. Adjacent to the One Stop is the River Tame, which over the years has been diverted several times. The river forms the boundary between Birchfield and Perry Barr and before 1928 the boundary between Perry Barr and Birmingham.
One Stop Shopping Centre
One Stop Shopping Centre