Perry Barr today
Perry Barr in the past
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Hamstead Mill Farm has the oldest history of all the mills in Perry Barr and was mentioned in the 1086 Domesday book. The middle 1500's saw the mill and lands fall into the hands of the Wyrley-Birch family. Frank andrews was the last miller, milling flower as late as 1920, by 1928 it was derelict. The Farm was farmed as late as 1933 by Harry Perry, but the early 1940 saw Bernard Baines of Oldford Farm filling in the mill pool on behalf of the City of Birmingham Council.
Hamstead Mill Farm
If we turn left over the railway bridge we are almost out of Hamstead and Perry barr as this is the Hamstead Road leading to Handsworth and Birmingham. To the right were a couple of cottages. one of which Bishop Asbury was supposed to have been born in. To the back of these stood Hamstead Mill and Hamstead Mill Farm, now part of Sandwell Valley and community recreation areas.
Hamstead Road